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HOUSE DONKEYS feat. Fern-Quest The Theme (World Love)

Not much is known about The House Donkeys, Who are they Where are they from Do they put yoghurt or Milk on their Muesli
All we know is that their beats are HUGE and their production is pure perfection! With a major record deal already in place
these guys are set to take the world by storm in 2012 with their Pumping House sound consisting of catchy euphoric melodies
and massive driving filthy basslines! with some of the worlds biggest DJs already supporting their Music The House Donkeys are set to blow the dance scene apart. The latest single The Theme (world love) features a cover of The Theme by Jurgen Vries and vocals by one of the UKs
brightest up and coming rappers, Fern-Quest!! The track has been getting some awesome reactions on Dancefloors across the globe already!

ab 13.02.2012 1 DJ Anady & Grey Remix
2 Sonny Vice Vs. DJ O-Dee Remix
3 Urban Contact Remix

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